Ronda Insulated Single Drawer ( FREE SHIPPING )

The drawer inside box is watertight and can be filled with ice or warm water. This keeps bottles at an ideal temperature (hot or cold) for beverages & food containers. The insulated drawers are only meant to store ice and/or bottled refreshments. Foodstuffs must be placed in a food containers and sealed with a lid before being stored in the drawers. The shape and size of the drawer box is specially studied to fit any composition of standard food containers & lids. Enclosed single drawers with insulated front, watertight inside box and full length tracks completely made of AISI 304 Stainless Steel. Housing in composite material. Hermetic closure granted by a magnetic gasket.
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•Cut out Dimensions are 15W X 11 1/2"H X 22 3/4" Deep.

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