Lynx Professional 30" Gas Grill With All Infrared Prosear Burner

Some Of The Great Features Lynx Includes.
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  • Infrared heat sears steaks to perfection and locks in juices
  • Three-speed rotisserie with infrared burner produces slow roasted perfection
  • Lift assist and fluid handle rotation make raising the hood effortless
  • Mobile Kitchen Cart offers a food prep area, 3 storage drawers, sliding self and cabinet for convenience

       Lynx Professional 30-Inch Gas Grill With All Infrared ProSear Burners And Rotisserie on Mobile Kitchen Cart - L30ASR-M: Superior craftsmanship and innovative features create the ultimate outdoor grilling machine in this 30-inch all infrared grill from Lynx. The quality begins outside with gleaming, high-grade 304 stainless steel that is seamlessly welded to eliminate areas where grease and moisture can collect. A patented design deflects wind and allows the grill to vent properly, stabilizing critical surface temperatures when cooking in windy conditions. Inside, two 23,000 BTU Lynx Trident ProSear adjustable infrared burners allow you to sear thick-cuts perfectly, or throttle back to cook more delicate items. The Lynx has a dual-position internal rotisserie with heavy-duty, 3-speed motor and rear infrared burner to raise your cooking options to their full potential. An advanced ignition system uses a hot element positioned directly above the burner port for reliably safe start-up with a flash tube backup lighting system. Like to grill into the night? The adjustment knobs on the control panel sport blue LED accent lights for precise control. The Mobile Kitchen Cart has a 606 square inch food preparation area as well as storage drawers, a slide out shelf, and an additional fold out shelf. The heavy duty casters with brakes and built in towel bar make for easy maneuvering. Bring the power and performance of Lynx innovation to your outdoor kitchen with the Lynx Professional Grill With Mobile Kitchen Cart.

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