Evening Fyre Charred 24"

Evening Fyre Charred 24"
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These Vent Free gas logs will add charm and warmth to your cold winter nights. They are meticulously manufactured to bring all the natural details to your fire place. Each Vent Free log set allows you to close the damper on the fireplace so you can heat your room. There are several different size models to choose from in our Vent Free collection, 18"-24"-30". Vent Free log sets can be used in vented fireplaces.Each Evening Fyre Charred Vent Free gas log set is ANSI Certified and include.
•Vent Free Gas Logs.
•G18 Manual Light Burner. Vent Free Burner Certified with pre-assembled Control Valve and ODS Safety System.
•Custom Grate.
•Connector Kit.
•Manual Start.
•Connector Kit.
•Glowing Embers.
•Bryte Coals.
•Lava-Fyre Granules.
•Free Shipping or local delivery and set up.
•Questions ? 678-762-0004

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