Blaze 25" Double Access Door

Blaze 25" Double Access Door.
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Doors grant easy access to the inside of your BBQ island
  • Adds convenient storage in any outdoor kitchen
  • Stainless steel construction is durable in outdoor conditions
  • Rounded bevel design adds structural integrity to the doors
  • Accented with a sleek curved handle
This Blaze double access door features commercial grade 304 stainless steel construction to withstand outdoor elements and a unique completely rounded bevel design that enhances strength and durability. These quality outdoor kitchen access doors are double-lined and accented with curved handles. Blaze access doors are the perfect storage solution for any outdoor kitchen!


Blaze Outdoor Products have a lifetime warranty that warrants against any defects in the manufacturing and workmanship of their outdoor kitchen cabinetry.
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Cut Out Width
Cut Out Width 21 3/8 Inches
Cut Out Height 18 1/4 Inches
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Sale Price $229.99
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