24" Real Fyre Pioneer Oak Gas Log Set

24" Real Fyre Pioneer Oak Gas Log Set
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R. H. Peterson 24" Pioneer Oak Real Fyre Gas Logs with G4 Burner Kit and Match Light - No Pilot Ignition. System is for Vented Fireplaces. This is a vented gas log burner system designed to be installed in wood burning fireplaces and burned with the damper propped open. You can choose from 3 different sizes. It burns Natural Gas and is for use indoors only.

The Real Fyre Pioneer Oak gas logs are full body oak logs with hand painted details for an exceptionally realistic look and additional deep bark detail for a more rutic decor. The bottom front log is burnt through and charred giving you a better view of the flame and glowing embers. . Note: Most logs are shown in 18" or 24" size. The number of logs may vary based on the size you choose.


Features Include;

  • G4 Burner Pan for Natural Gas
  • Match Match Light Control
  • Fine grade cilica sand
  • Glowing ember material
  • Bendable aluminum connector tube (reduces gas flow noise)
  • Solid brass fittings (1 elbow, 1 straight - for easy installation)
  • Heavy duty gas log grate (like wood burning)
  • Damper clamp
  • Log retainer clips
  • Individual logs (stack 'em your way!)
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty on Logs!
  • Complete installation and operation instructions included.

Questions? Call or Email Tony @ 678-762-0004 or tony@kettleandgrates.com


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